Tara Walker | Senior Product Designer



Tara Walker


Moon Over Chinatown, 2010

Inspired by a visit to Chinatown in New York City. Oil paint on masonite, 22″x28″

Syd Barrett, 1997

Student work of Syd Barrett, one of the founders of Pink Floyd. He wrote most of their early material. Barrett was ousted from Pink Floyd during their 1967 tour with Jimi Hendrix, due to excessive drug use and psychosis. 

Gouache on illustration board, 8″x10″

Marge, 2002

I always enjoyed doing sketches of people on the fly. Marge was a coworker of mine at a previous position.

Pen and ink on note paper, 4″x6″

Moon Over Prescott Park

Inspired by a print of a geisha and her child attendant from Hiroshige, I thought it might be interesting to see a western take on the idea. 

Oil paint on canvas, 16″x20″

A Winter's Tale poster detail

Poster illustration I did for a storytelling series called “A Winter’s Tale”, in Portsmouth, NH.

Pen and Ink, gouache on bristol board