Tara Walker | Senior Product Designer



A collection of both my personal and promotional photography.

William Arthur Weddings promo photograph, 2010

I enjoyed creating custom concepts for advertising. The image on the far right, the blue Vera Wang Wedding Papers image, used my own vintage 1970’s cake stand.

Barcelona, 2007

I enjoy street photography in my spare time. I especially enjoy observing people in public who are more focused on what they’re doing and don’t notice me.

Top: The famous Casa Bruno Cuadros on La Rambla, Barcelona

Bottom left: Man lights cigar at the St. Patrick’s Day parade in South Boston.

Bottom right: Two women walking in 19th century costume, Arles, France.

I traveled a lot in my early 20’s. Most of these images are from those travels.

Left to right: Barcelona. Plaza del Sol in Madrid, Spain. Kings Cross Station, London.